Burnet Middle School


The Physical and Health Education Department’s goal is to graduate students who:

  • HAVE learned skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and physical activity
  • KNOWS the implications of and the benefits from involvement in physical activities
  • DO include healthy habits including physical activity in daily life
  • ARE fit, healthy and ready to learn
  • VALUE physical activity and health as they relate to a healthy lifestyle


Middle School Physical Education Curriculum Overview         

    • 6th Grade PE
    7th Grade PE 8th Grade PE Functional Fitness
    Basketball / Conflict, Anger, and Manners Bowling/Goal Setting Badminton/Suicide and Grief Management Exercise Bands and Balls
    Fitness/Fitnessgram Skills Circuit Training/Drug Abuse Basketball/Cyber Bullying Flexibility
    Flag Football /Tobacco and Alcohol Disc Golf/Health and Unhealthy Relationships Fitness/Fitnessgram Form Running
    Soccer/Nutrition and Hygiene Fitness/Fitnessgram Golf/Abusive Relationships Pilates
    Tennis/ Racial and Gang Issues Floorball/Conflict Resolution Team Handball/ Hydration and Lifetime Wellness Plyometrics
    Track & Field/Benefits of Exercise Softball/Nutrition and Body Image Volleyball/ Prescription and Designer Drugs Weight Lifting
    Volleyball/Bullying and Peer Pressure Ultimate Frisbee/Diabetes Weight Training/ Sleep and Depression Yoga