Burnet Middle School

2021-2022 School Supply List

Burnet Middle School School Supply List: 6th,7th & 8th grade


Personal Items and Average Size Backpack ○ Student Backpacks with approx dimensions of 17.5” x 13” x 10” is sufficient ○ No handles and No wheels

■ Rolling backpacks are a safety concern

● Backpack should be appropriate for students to have the essentials in this list

● District issued Laptops are best cared for and protected if they remain in a smaller bag that is specifically for laptops. The supplies below are expected to be in backpack

● District issued LAPTOP FULLY CHARGED

● District issued LAPTOP CHARGER

● Refillable water bottle (the campus does not have bottled water to give to students)

● Two pairs of earbuds/headphones (1 for every day use, and 1 for a back up) ● Blue pen ● black pen ● pencils ● highlighter

● 2”inch binder (AVID campus: organization of all classes)

● Dividers

● **6th grade students only! One 3 subject spiral notebook Classroom Supplies: these will be turned in to your Home Room teacher.

● 2 packs pencils to start (replenish through the year)

● 1 bottle Glue ● 1 pack of Glue sticks

● 1 pack of Colored Pencils

● 1 pack of Dry Erase Markers (4 - colors)

● 1 box tissues ● 1 container disinfecting wipes (ex. Clorox or Lysol)

● Personal hand sanitizer Elective Supplies: your individual teacher might ask for more specifics Art: pencil with/erase, black marker, sketchbook or unlined paper, watercolor set with a brush Band: Students will be contacted and issued items at school Choir: Students will be given list on first day of class Dance: athletic shorts and tshirt PE: athletic shorts and t shirt Theater: Students will be given list on first day of school.